How we generated 489,119.00 RON in 31 days for an online fashion shop

Case study

Duration: 1-31 Decembrie 2020

Industry: Fashion

Invested amount: 48,338.94 lei

Conversion value: 489,119.00 lei

ROAS (Return On Adspend): 10.12

Number of orders: 1,191




How did we reach this amazing numbers?

The strategy we used will be all explained below and it focused on Facebook and Instagram and was split into 3 phases:

Stage 1: Testing Testing Testing – Top of The Funnel

One month ahead, we created new Testing audiences. These included both audiences based on Single Interests and Lookalike ones.

We tested several Copy & Creative options (static photos, studio shot videos or lifestyle visuals). We used DCT Testing (Dynamic Creative Testing). In this way, we offer Facebook our visual inputs and our custom Copy, like headlines and captions and Facebook tests them in real time in order to find the perfect combo to reach our campaign objective.

After establishing the best Copy & Creative match, we tested them against the new audiences. Our main aim is to find the most profitable audiences for us.

Once the profitable audiences were established, we briefed the Art and the Copywriting Department to create visuals and Copy similar to those which had the best results. What is more, we also contextualised them to the festive Christmas holidays.

Stage 2: Creating Festive Content – Middle Of the Funnel

In this stage, we prepared the audiences which:

  • Interacted with our ads
  • Watched a video
  • And interacted with our Facebook & Instagram pages

When we started setting up the MOF campaigns, we focused on the following audiences:

  • Facebook Engagement – Website Visitors 30 Days
  • Instagram Engagement – Website Visitors 30 Days
  • Video Views – Website Visitors 30 Days

*These were created in the Audiences section in Ads Manager. If you don’t know how to create these audiences, drop us a message and we’ll do it for you.

*At the same time, we excluded all the users who visited the website in the past 30 days.

We adapted the content for these people and we presented them a different kind of video content or static images.


Stage 3: Remarketing – Bottom Of The Funnel

The remarketing campaign (Bottom Of The Funnel) is the most profitable of all the set, generating the biggest ROAS.

Here, we target users who had an action on our website and were the closest to the purchase.

While setting the BOF campaigns, we targeted the following audiences:

  • View Content 30 Days – AddToCart 30 Days (all users who visited a product page, but didn’t add the product to cart)
  • AddToCart 30 Days – Purchase 30 Days (all users who added products to cart, but haven’t finalised an order and all those who bought at least one product in the last 60 days. We excluded the users who made purchases in the past 30 days, as they have a lower probability of buying again in the same month)
  • *Purchase 60 Days – Purchase last 30 Days


Here we used Catalog Sales and Dynamic Product Catalog.




In this way, Facebook uses the data from pixel as well as the Product Catalog and will show the client the product they viewed, added to cart or bought.


For *Purchase 60 Days – Purchase last 30 Days

We used Catalog Sales to upsell similar items or complementary ones, according to the purchases of the last 60 days.

This means that if the users bought trousers, they will receive ads with tops, like T-shits, hoodies or other relevant products for the client, out of the Product Catalog.


Below, you’ll find the living proof that the Remarketing campaign had the biggest ROAS.


In parallel, the client invested also in Google and YouTube Marketing campaigns, but you’ll hear more about these two channels in another article.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that in that month the sum generated by us was 1,218,942.00 RONThe traffic sources were: Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

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