How to plan a successful Marketing strategy for Real Estate

The Real Estate market continues to expand, which suggests that the numbers of players in this niche is still growing aggressively. Although the number of buys is very high each year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is aimed to succeed and that you will reach the sales goals you have been hoping for.

The good news is that a proper and realistic Marketing plan for paid ads will help you tick all of your business objectives. But, it’s highly important that your goals are very clear and well defined.

Only by doing so will you be able to control and measure the success of your campaigns and respectively, of your business.


If you don’t know how to start your Marketing plan, we’re just one click away and we can help.


But, if you read further, we layed out some basic principles which will help you cover the most important aspects of your plan, in case you decide you want to tackle the project on your own.

1. Which are your long & short term objectives?

First and foremost, you need to outline very clearly the short & long term objectives of the campaigns you want to launch. These can be related to the short term awareness of the brand or a specific number of sold properties. Setting these goals from the very beginning will help you sketch the paid Marketing strategy in a manner in which you can actually reach them in the following time frame.

 2. Who are your desired clients?

If you don’t know how to identify the perfect client for your business and how to communicate on the same wavelength with them, it’s compulsory you start learning it now.

Let’s follow this example: your objective is to sell commercial spaces located 2 minutes away from a subway station in Bucharest.

Your commercial spaces will appeal to entrepreneurs looking for a space for their businesses. What does communicating with a business target entail? What makes them tick? Why would they invest and how can you guarantee that your space is the best? Do you have any data or stats you could push in your promotional materials (eg: how many people pass by your property on average)? Do you have real and appealing photos of the space so you can gain credibility from the first seconds?

Another example relates to private individuals. Who do you attract through your ads when you have 30 apartments in a residence up for sale?
Are they single or are they families? What is their age range? Most importantly: what kind of jobs/careers do you think potential home seekers have, in the price range set by you?

From our experience, we believe it is good for you to know that for Real Estate sells and especially those destined as permanent residences, photos are crucial. In order to create visual ads who can quickly attract potential buyers, you should invest in a proper photo session, through which you can capture the strongest assets of the apartments, but also of the area where this is located.

Bonus Tip: Talk to Real Estate agents in your area so you can learn what questions arise from buyers and what they are looking for. In this way, you will know how to answer all their wants and needs in your ads and how to clarify the information on your presentation website.

 3. How do you set yourself apart from your competition?

We bet there’s at least one reason why a potential client should pick you instead of your competitors🙂Which is it? What are your unique selling points? What can you offer extra and how can you make life easier for those who choose you?

At the end of the day, for Marketing campaigns to succeed and for you to be satisfied, you need to set these distinguishing factors and don’t hesitate to communicate them both visually, in online banners, but also on the website.

Also related to the previous example of selling the apartments, don’t forget to mention that there are several financing methods available (installments paid to the developer, installments without interest, mortgage and other types of loans). These all can influence the client to choose to visit your property.

 4. But most importantly – always adapt

Be very close to the community you wish to grow. Discuss with your Real Estate agents and find out what worries your potential clients have, what requests they have and what are the questions that can’t let them sleep.

Make a list of these findings and address them in your Marketing campaigns, but also on the website.

In this way, you will notice a superior quality of the leads as time goes by.

If you need a 360 strategy for promoting your real estate project, contact us right now and let’s build together the optimal funnel for you and your business.