LEADLION is now a TikTok for Business partner

It’s January 2021 when we’re writing this and, guess what: the latest data shows that TikTok is here to stay. Regardless of naysayers or skepticals, the video centric platform keeps making waves.
Let’s look at some numbers:

  • 79th place in the rank of the world’s most expensive brands in the world
  • Present in over 150 countries
  • 690 million active users/month, globally
  • Used in over 75 languages
But what do these all mean from a Marketing viewpoint and how can we actually make the most out of TikTok?
TikTok Ads is both a stand-alone communication channel, but also a significant slice in the whole of marketing channels you should be using if your audience is spending time on TikTok.
But what does TikTok for Business mean for the wider landscape? Currently, there are over 4.3 million active users, with a gender split of 53% female, 47% males, 24% of the audience is aged between 13-17 and 64% of the audience is 18 to 34, while the rest are over 35 years old. The average daily time a user spends on the platform is over 60 minutes which is truly impressive.
Just like other content channels, TikTok has a strong community of popular content creators, who impress through comedy, hacks, culture, music, gaming, fashion and the list could go on forever.
With a healthy stack of ads of different types, optimisation AI and good targeting tools, TikTok is now a valuable asset for reaching new audiences and it shouldn’t be missing from any well versed Marketing Department. And, we’re proud to announce that LeadLion is now an official TikTok for Business partner and we’re ready to create cool new formats for your desired audiences. Let’s do this!

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