Magento 2 integration with Senior ERP

Top ERP Systems to Integrate Your Magento 2 Store

The integration of online shops with the company’s ERP systems is totally a must in 2020. Thus, the Magento 2 integration service with Senior ERP brings along the following benefits:

  • Lowering the costs with dedicated resources for manual work for actualising stocks, prices, clients, promotions and orders
  • The significant growth of the orders’ operating speed
  • The significant drop in processing errors

The functionalities of the Magento 2 integrating module with Senior ERP:

  1. Importing new products from Senior ERP in Magento 2 and their unlisting:
    • The new products set in Senior ERP are generated in Magento 2 and are automatically deactivated
    • The products receive in Magento 2 all the attributed established at the import from Senior ERP
    • Also, the products which get specific delisting attributes in store, will be set as „disabled”
  2. The automatic actualisation of stocks in Magento 2:
    1. These will be updated in each storage. Integration with multi inventory stock (default Magento)
  3. The automated actualisation of the prices and discounts in Magento 2:
    1. The prices will be simply synced from the ERP or along with an ajustment according to the exchange rate or other parameters. At the same time, the promotions can be set and actualised automatically.
  4. The order transfer in Magento 2 to Senior ERP:
    1. The orders automatically enter the ERP
    2. At the same time the client data is transferred and they are associated with the orders of the existing clients.
  5. Integrating the billing systems:
    1. The bills will be generated with a single button and will be also saved in ERP.

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