UI/UX Magento Design

How do we work?

Step 1
After extensive research on functionalities and design, we propose a theme that works best for you.

Step 2
The final step consists of building the final design. We always create responsive designs, so they can work perfectly on any device – Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

Step 3
The final step consists of sketching the design per say. It’s created to be responsive, depending on your device – desktop, mobile and tablet.

Step 1
We outline the desired design of your platform together.

Step 2
We build the interfaces based on the established design direction. During this step, one of our main focuses is the fluidity and ease of navigation through the website. We complete the final design which will be optimised for all devices.

Your project deserves to be rescued.

And we are exactly the team that can help. During our activity, we have successfully revived a multitude of online platforms. We are experienced professionals and our portfolio can testify to our abilities. No matter the stage of your project, we will manage the maintenance and upgrades, in order to ensure access and security to all the functional benefits of the Magento platform.

We are called LeadLion for a reason

Our team of certified Developers has vast experience on a wide array of Magento specialties. We closely collaborate with renowned international partners such as Amasty and Magento Certified.