NOD Distribution API integration with Magento 2

NOD is a distribution company familiar to most of the Magento online shops in Romania in the IT&C niche. So, the market need for creating such an extension appeared organically.

The module was developed in order to fulfil as many requests of the IT&C sellers when it comes to automated product imports, stocks and the instant computing of selling prices.

The basic functions of the module are:

  1. Automated or manual imports of products;
  2. Automated or manual updates of stocks;
  3. Creating selling prices by adding the mark-up, according to attributes or a combination of attributes.




The product import is done by interrogating the NOD API and processing the data in Magento. Thus, a mapping area of the categories was built along with a mapping area of the NOD attributes with the ones in Magento. The following are imported:

  • Titles
  • Names
  • Manufacturers
  • Descriptions
  • SKU and EAN codes
  • Categories
  • Prices
  • Attributes – names
  • Attribute – values
  • Photos
  • And other custom attributes.

The NOD integration module within Magento 2 respects the Magento processes and has data validation areas in each part. In this way, all the data imported from NOD Distribution to Magento will be running smoothly from a technical viewpoint.

The automatically imported prices are part of an area specifically made to save time when uploading new products, but also when the prices are being updated. This means that prices can be set on brands, categories, SKUs and many other attributes or a combination of them.

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