Pinterest Ads Campaigns

Why Pinterest Ads?

The new Facebook restraints and regulations make Pinterest a valuable platform worth taking into consideration even more.

Ads created on Pinterest bring conversions at a better cost of 2.3 times compared with other Social Media platforms. In Retail, they also have a twice as big ROAS, compared with the ads running on other social networks. (source: Pinterest)

Pinterest Ads Targeting Tools

Targeting on Pinterest Ads is done in an unique way, a mix of Facebook and Google targeting blended into one. So much so, that the target audience is defined by selecting relevant interests, demographic specifications and key words. This manner of precise targeting allows displaying ads to the most relevant users.

Automated targeting

Pinterest automatically selects the audience according to the details specified in the ad.


It can limit the audience by defining features of the demographics, such as age, gender, location and language.

Customer lists

Loads a list of clients who have already interacted with the website or the Pinterest account.


The target audience can be defined according to the interest users have.

Key words

There’s also the possibility to target audiences by selecting keywords for which it can display promoted pins.


Pinterest helps you create similar audiences with interests and behaviours just as your customers.

Types of campaigns available on Pinterest Ads:
Awareness campaigns
Awareness campaigns

These are the first step of the buying journey an user embarks on, also named a funnel. For awareness campaigns, there are 2 types of objectives: brand awareness and video views.

Consideration campaigns
Consideration campaigns

The second step of the conversion funnel only has the objective of generating traffic. Considerations campaigns are suitable for generating as many clicks as possible for Pinterest content or for your website.

Conversions campaigns
Conversions campaigns

The final step of the funnel has objectives such as generating on site conversions and catalogue sales for promoting products via shopping ads.

Our steps for a performant Marketing flow?

A good start is essential in any project so the first is to take a close look at your business and at the competition. After a thorough analysis, we shape the objectives and the marketing strategy for Pinterest Ads. These will be traced based on the business perspective and specific needs of your project.

Next step is creating your account in Pinterest Ads (if one doesn’t already exist), setting up the Pinterest account and connecting the two platforms. These will be followed by the planning and structuring of the campaigns per se. In this phase, we will also create a list of keywords relevant to your business niche, with a high ranking and a low price.

This will be presented to you together with the negative words list.


Through A/B testing, we determine how we can improve your click rate, optimize your display positioning or lower the cost per click for you. We test new keywords, different messages, various audiences (for display campaigns) or auction strategies.

Next off: we confirm the keywords list and audiences with you. After we have your approval, we create the campaigns taking into account the geo-location, the devices on which it will be displayed, optimal time frame, budget, auction strategy and a few other Google Ads settings.

Each campaign will contain ads organized into various groups of keywords, with specific texts and extensions, which complete the product or the services that are about to be promoted.

We start the Search and Display campaigns and, depending on the budget, and our strategy, we adjust ads on a daily or weekly basis in order to maximse their performance.

Transparency is vital in every partnership so you will receive a monthly update that attests to the results of the Google Ads campaign. This way, you will be able to understand and interpret the leads, the registered conversion dates, the number of device sessions and other KPIs we are watching especially for you.

We believe that adaptability is essential in digital and that is why we will constantly be testing and improving your ads.

You can count on
our superpowers.

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