Apollo D’or

The problem For our real estate client, the task was as straightforward as possible: to generate targeted leads and successfully sell all the apartments and penthouses which were still available (40 apartments and penthouses). As we’re always results oriented, we started looking for the best solutions. The solution Our proposal was an integrated solution which combines both of the LeadLion competencies. We started the project by working on the Software Development stage:
  • We rebuilt the static pages for an optimal navigation
  • We created dedicated landing pages, perfect for Marketing campaigns
  • We redesigned the content, by changing Copy and images
  • We created new contact forms, easier to access
In the second stage, we projected the Marketing campaigns as it follows:
  • In depth research for analysing the aggressive competition
  • We developed a complex strategy adequate to the business field, but also to the final objective
  • We designed the full stack of promotional materials
  • We developed and implemented monthly lead generation campaigns on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads
  • We analysed the campaigns constantly and we recalibrated them until we achieved an optimal acquisition cost for the client
Results We successfully finalised the project only after achieving the following victories:
  • A record number of leads
  • A direct profiling of leads
  • Selling 38 out of the 40 available apartments

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