• The problem
  Our partner approached us wanting to migrate to a safe & stable platform, over which they could have full control and that can rapidly scale their business objectives. Let’s not forget their need to have an experienced team who can answer on the go and solve their worries promptly and in an organised fashion. What we were told about the previous platform was that it wasn’t using the latest technologies so it was creating difficult situations in the operational system. Having these in mind, we started working and we proposed to use our trustworthy friend, Magento 2, taking into consideration the ample integration necessities with third parties and the automation needs.  
  • The solution
Creating a Magento 2 platform with a robust architecture of connections with external software and a custom design.  
  • Results
An ultra-performant online shop:  
  1. Implementing a personalised design
  2. Enhanced eCommerce tracking
  3. SameDay integration
  4. Senior ERP integration
  5. Interfacing stocks between different stores
  6. Implementing an advanced system of returns
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