The problem At our first meeting with Eurocor we identified some essential problems which were acting against their online business. So, we knew from the get go we needed to solve everything related to: design, usability, content and of course, the most important aspect, the inability of buying straight off the site. We rolled our sleeves and started decoding. The solution Each of the problems in the brief found its solution via our strategy implemented on Magento 2:
  1. A complete design refresh, created especially for the audience wanted by the brand creat special pentru audiența dorită de brand
  2. SEO adapted content, with a tone of voice customised for the target
  3. Smooth integration with the company ERP
  4. Advanced GDPR Compliance settings
  5. Simple and efficient shopping with One-step checkout and advanced tracking in all the connected platforms
Results What did we deliver successfully? A competitive online shop, in which transactions can easily and safely be made, with an extremely friendly design for any user who enters the new site. We invite you to a browsing session on

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