Grid Sport & Sports Brand

  • The problem
This brief revealed a big challenge from the very first lines. This time, the project consisted of designing and creating the full architecture of two websites combined in a single platform. Dedicated to the sports’ shoes market, the two websites needed a clear distinction of the products offered to clients, but a perfect combination of management and backend usability.  
  • The solution
We developed an eCommerce Magento 2 platform which combined the usability of two platforms into one. The users’ orders, although sent from two distinct interfaces, reach the same Magento admin managing system.  We developed a friendly and easy to use structure for the platform’s administrators and the UI design was crafted specifically for the industry niche in which our client is active. What is more, we also tackled the platform’s responsiveness, so both of the websites were optimised for all devices.   
  • Results
We created an online Magento shop with 2 online mirrors, and, both with a design adapted to the market and developed in detail, with the following features: 
  1. Advanced sorting and filtering system;
  2. SEO Advanced Management System;
  3. The possibility of organising raffles, special campaigns our product launches.
You can test the platforms here and here

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