Vagabond Studio

The problem When we met with Vagabond Studio we were faced with the most challenging brief: how do we quickly create a perfect online shop for a love brand? Everything needed to be ready ASAP and live at the start of the COVID pandemic. Because no one and nothing can stand between clients and the desire to buy the coolest clothes on the market. Must haves: keep the clean, minimalist design and never forget that users need interfaces which ease the navigation completely. Plus, even the most unconventional brands need a constant push through performant global Marketing campaigns.   The solution We are live! During the pandemic, we developed a shopify store in record time, as a temporary solution before the PWA shop launch, in order to maintain sales and the portfolio constantly active. Luckily, we are authorised Shopify partners, so the process was entirely seamless.   Meanwhile, de Marketing team conceptualised and implemented campaigns in four countries in Europe to consolidate the Vagabond positioning in each of the markets.  
  1. We created a loyalty programme for existing clients
  2. We built a performant custom funnel
  3. Marketing campaigns:
    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Instagram Ads
    3. Criteo
    4. Snapchat Ads
    5. Google Ads
  Results A clean online shop, developed under pressure and breaking a new time record, with extremely useful features, such as:  
  1. Fan Courier integration
  2. UPS integration
  3. Interfacing stocks between different stores
  4. Implementing an advanced system of returns
  But, we’re currently developing a shop with a unique design, built in REACT and connected to Magento. When it comes to features, we successfully implemented the following functionalities:  
  1. PWA interface on Magento 2
  2. Fan Courier integration
  3. UPS integration
  4. Advanced return system
  5. Multiple store views for different countries
  6. Integration with the company’s ERP-ul
  Marketing All these efforts were sustained by a strong Marketing push. So we’re super proud of the following:
  1. We raised the online sales with 100% and we are still top 2 next to the best selling physical stores.
  2. We penetrated 3 very competitive European markets with our highly performant ads.
  But, we prefer to let our work do the talking. So enjoy the Vagabond website here

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