Magento Online Store

1. Developing an online store with Magento

Got an idea for an online store? We can make it happen.. Do you feel like your business would be better off online? That’s what we’re good at.


Because we  work with the largest and most powerful e-commerce platform owned by Adobe. A safe software, with constant updates; flexible, easy to manage and all functions integrated.

Get in touch with us and let’s take your business to the next level. Are you ready?

2. UI/UX Magento Design

Aesthetics and usability should go hand in hand. That goes without saying. Users require a fabulous shopping experience, with graphics that look familiar, are easy to understand  easy to use.

There’s beauty in everything and we know how to make the most of that. We breathe life into a website by using the values of your core brand while also ensuring that your users navigate seamlessly.

We take care of the entire process. This is how we work, responsibly. And that leaves more time for you to enjoy a successful business.

3. Migrate Magento 2

Prepare to take your online shop to the next level. 

If your online shop platform is rigid, without any expansion options or updates, that means you are not using the full potential of your business. Particularly so if the platform is difficult to manage. Let us take over.

With vast experience in the industry, we have the necessary know-how to redefine your business together with you.

Plenty of options
With our expertise, your business can go farther. You have access to numerous functionalities, constant optimisations and the latest updates on security models.

Always safe
We guarantee a fast and smooth migration from the current platform to Magento 2. All your data will be safely preserved.

4. Magento 2 integration

Would you like to reach the highest peaks of performance? We know precisely how to help so that you may take your online shop as far as you like.

Together, we’ll explore new horizons . With our full integration services, we are able to connect your online shop to a vast range external services or systems.

Would you like to offer to your clients more options for receiving their orders? We provide delivery service integration. Transactions are a lot safer and simpler with payment processors. See what else we can integrate into your e-commerce platform:

  • Payment processors – PayPal, MobilPay and PayU
  • Delivery – Royal Mail, Hermes, DHL, UPS, plus many more
  • Integration of the Magento platform with various online marketplaces
  • ERP’s
  • WMS’s
  • CRM Systems
  • API’s
  • Enterprise resource planning solutions;

Do you already know your next step?

5. Maintenance and support

What do you do when you encounter an issue?

Sometimes, even with Magento you may experience small difficulties that may impede your online shop from running smoothly.

But the online industry is constantly evolving and solutions that simplify and optimise sales  are being developed all the time. And we are up to date with the latest in the market. That’s why we will always help you with solutions such as:

  •   Databases
  •   Security
  •   Back-up
  •   Optimising web pages
  •   Content update
  •   Clearing technical issues (bugs)
  •   General website performance growth

You can count on us anytime  

We offer you tailored training and consultancy in any situation.

6. Developing extensions and modules

Are you tempted to open an online shop? Or you simply want to extend your business to the most popular e-commerce platform? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions or, why not, to both of them, you’re in the right place. We look after everything.


The largest and most powerful e-commerce platform from Adobe is on our side. It’s a safe software, which is provided with constant updates. It’s flexible, easy to manoeuvre, with integrated functions. Basically, you get all you need for successfully selling online.

Do you want to upgrade your business? Find out more!