Developing an online Magento store

Our work model is simple and efficient.

So you can offer your customers the best online shopping experience. We’re there for you if you want to start from scratch or if you intend to take your business to 110%.

Step 1.

We analyse your requests and do the research.

Step 2

We establish the dedicated project team.

Step 3

We install and configure Magento 2.

Step 4

We implement the design.

We configure the design for all devices, either from a customised template or from a theme.

Step 5

We install, develop, customise.

We offer all the services for Magento 2 extensions and modules.

Step 6

We begin testing

We make sure everything is flawless, by testing manually and automatically, for both Front-end and Back-end.

We are called LeadLion for a reason

Our team of certified Developers has vast experience on a wide array of Magento specialties. We closely collaborate with renowned international partners such as Amasty and Magento Certified.


Do you want an online store from scratch?

Magento is one of the biggest and most powerful e-Commerce platforms.

We help create online stores and provide everything that is needed for a balanced development. We customise and configure the services based on the needs of every business, always aiming for excellence.


Do you have a store you need to optimise?

We are mindful of your store. When it requires customisation or you want something special, we swiftly step in – we create extensions and modules that improve the system. Our objective is to always have happy clients.

What will your website look like?

When you need to grow a business, advanced design and interface make the difference. That is why we guarantee an optimal design for all devices, making it stand out, but also so easy to use.

What can you integrate in your website using Magento 2?

A series of APIs make your website adapted to the demands of users, offering them added perks such as: ● Delivery services; ● Integrated maps; ● Social media plug-ins; ● Integrated ERP and CRMs.And so much more. Set up a meeting with us and learn all there is about enhancing your website.

Magento – Behind the scenes

What happens in the Magento backend?With the API integration you get flexibility and control over the entire content. This means that when you create an online store you can access the system that handles all the functionalities, including the third party ones.

Your project deserves to be rescued.

And we are exactly the team that can help. During our activity, we have successfully revived a multitude of online platforms. We are experienced professionals and our portfolio can testify to our abilities. No matter the stage of your project, we will manage the maintenance and upgrades, in order to ensure access and security to all the functional benefits of the Magento platform.


More online stores, one system

If more brands work under the roof of the same system, customised settings are needed. This way, client data can be distributed or a separated fusion of each entity is made possible.

All of this will help connect more stores in one code base.

That way, it is possible to centrally manage fundamental elements such as:

- Domains
- Themes
- Payment methods
- Delivery methods
- Products
- Product categories
- Payment currencies
- Languages

Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source is an ideal platform for testing business models with minimal investment. This allows you to:

  • Launch stores from scratch to which you can add Magento extensions or extensions customised by our Development team.
  • You will have several stores under one code base.
  • The success of your business is ensured by a an easy-to-use, friendly website