Migrating Magento 2

How will your shop look like?

If you have decided to upgrade to the new version of your online store, we are here to take you through the process and lead you to the desired result. We will refresh your shop and you will enjoy the success. And your clients will love it!

Step 1.

Migrating the theme

Changing the theme is the first thing we start with. If the current theme is not compatible with Magento 2, we select a customised design theme or we install one from the Magento Marketplace. Together we create a list of advantages and disadvantages and before we conclude, we decide what is the best way forward for your project.

Step 2

Migrating the extensions

We install and customise the extensions so your shop works exactly as you want it to. The good news? You can pick customised extensions that can be implemented by our certified Developers.

Step 3

Customising the migration

Naturally you’re going to need the order, product or client data. And we are going to take care of that, through a secure and professional transfer.

Step 4

Data migration

Naturally you’re going to need the order, product or client data. And we are going to take care of that, through a secure and professional transfer.

We are called LeadLion for a reason

Our team of certified Developers has vast experience on a wide array of Magento specialties. We closely collaborate with renowned international partners such as Amasty and Magento Certified.


We analyse and evaluate the present platform


We set up and configure the work environment

A crucial aspect of server configuration is the upload speed of the system. We pay close attention to all details and we consider all the specifics of your business.

We always have this mindset, so that all online stores that have been developed by us on the Magento 2.0 platform guarantee a constant and favourable user journey.


Setăm și configurăm mediul de lucru

Un lucru foarte important atunci configurăm serverul este viteza de încărcare a sistemului. Suntem atenți la toate detaliile și ținem cont de specificul business-ului tău.

Avem întotdeauna acest mindset, pentru ca toate magazinele dezvoltate de noi pe platforma Magento 2.0 să garanteze un flux constant & favorabil.

Your project deserves to be rescued.

During our activity, we have successfully revived a multitude of online platforms. We are experienced professionals and our portfolio can testify to our abilities. No matter the stage of your project, we will manage the maintenance and upgrades, in order to ensure access and security to all the functional benefits of the Magento platform.

Migration of the database

Everything begins with the main migration consisting of firstly creating back-ups to the Magento 1 databases.

In this time frame, the data transfer takes place. We constantly document every process in order to predict and solve any issues we might encounter on the way.After the process is over, you can check if everything went well. If so, triggers are set in the existing store and the data transfer begins by moving the information about the web content, products, customers and the Magento 2 install files: Magento 2:
  • Media files;
  • Transactional e-mail;
  • CMS content;
  • Catalogues;
  • Orders;
  • System configurations;
  • Settings regarding delivery taxes, payment methods
In order to protect your business flow, we keep your website on-line during all this time. Our colleagues will manage the transfer of the adjustments created in the initial phase:
  • Order, product, product category management
  • New orders and new reviews
  • Adjustments to the user profiles

Migration of the Magento Functionalities

Magento 1 and Magento 2 are not compatible. They have differently designed databases and architectures. Because functionalities can’t be moved per se, our specialists will just re-create the functionalities from scratch.

If you need to keep an extension just as it was, Magento experts may be able to do that during the migration and could also customise other specific needs.This is how we create your perfect online store – a state-of-the-art website custom to your needs. In order to better understand this, let’s review the three scenarios of the migration process:

1. We configure similar extensions  
If they already exist in the Magento 2 version, we reinstall them and transfer the data – automatically or manually
2. We configure similar extensions  
We install Magento 2 extensions with functionalities similar to Magento 1.
3. We develop new extensions
When there are no predefined extensions with a certain functionality, we develop customised extensions from scratchData migration takes place in stages:
  • Extension selection;
  • Installation;
  • Compatibility verification;
  • Data migration;
  • Functionality verification;
  • Data validation;

Maintaining the Magento integrations is identical to replicating the existing functionalities. Your shop will be connected to third-party options, with current extensions or extensions customised by us.

There are a few differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2, making them not interchangeable. What do we do then? We choose a solution between the two options below. And our professional team is always ready to implement the chosen one.

• We install and customise an existing theme
• We create a new theme with a design chosen by you

A very important detail for businesses is keeping all SEO settings and building upon them. And we made that our priority.
Once the migration process is complete, we transfer the SEO settings and configure new directions that will drive organic traffic. Here are a few of the adjustments we provide:

• Setting up re-direct pages;
• Recreating crossed, custom URLs;
• Metadata and markings transfer;
• Managing the re-direct and error pages;

It’s extremely important that your store contains an identical copy of the Magento 1 products catalogue. That is why, we will focus on the tiniest details, from configuring product images to special pricing and stock inventory.

Now you can rest assured. Your new online store will preserve all the original structures after the Magento 2 upgrade.