The problem

Our collaboration with M-Force started from a clear set of problems we were required to solve and attack as intelligently as possible.

The initial online shop already had limitations caused by the e-Commerce systems in Magento, more exactly some usage barriers, but also some content restrictions.

We knew from the very beginning that for us the priority was to add new features to the platform, in order to create a seamless and up-to-date navigation.

The solution

In our problem-solving process, we went through various stages. We always start by doing a solid research in which we investigate the supposed problems. Based on our findings, we created a strategy revolving around the business goals desired by the client, for a liniar development.

We progressively updated the site with the following features we carefully implemented:

  • Optimising the eCommerce flow
  • We migrated everything on a Magento server
  • We automated processes and systems
  • We improved visibly the website speed


Presently, we are proud of the following outcome:

  • A fast and responsive portal compared to the moment we started the collaboration
  • A custom-made order processing flow integrated with third-party systems


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