• The problem

Yuga is a new super competitive, yet super healthy competitor on the health & lifestyle market. The client wanted from the get-go for the Yuga brand to stand out in its niche through an entirely fresh design, modern and very appealing for its clients. However, the brief also included the need to work quickly and efficiently with a series of vendors with very distinct features.


  • The solution

We gladly started searching for an optimal solution for Yuga. A considerable part out of the site’s structure was completed and upgraded with frontend and backend improvements, which added an important boost in usability for both clients and admins alike, but also for Yuga collaborators. On top of that, we took care of carefully integrating certain design elements which would reflect the complexity of a project like this.

  • Results

A new interface, contemporary and easy to use, which covers all the business and client needs. Extra, the custom backend implementations place the project as a top platform in its niche:

  1. Mapping products with items dedicated to each category;
  2. Stabilising import methods via extra developments versus the existing ones;
  3. Setting to 0 the configurable products via custom development;
  4. Automisation of bulk product refresh;
  5. Editing the website’s reports based on custom ramification and specific requests. 

You’re invited to give the whole YUGA platform a healthy scroll here.


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