June 3, 2019

Gărâna Jazz Festival


We love jazzing projects up, so we started our collaboration with Garana Jazz Festival on a high note. However, our journey began with a series of evident problems: the festival had a very low performance online, the reach remained constantly low over several years and the awareness never attracted new audiences. The good news is that we knew how to approach these problems and solve them.


The solution

As the client is a festival, the stages of the project took place before, during
and after the event. As usual, everything we implemented had solid research behind and we looked in detail at the online behaviour of the main competitors on the market, but also at the digital consumption of the target.

Later on, the strategy was built with our clients business goals in mind and then adapted to a series of creative concepts. Next, the concepts came to life via custom communication messages, adequate for each source of traffic, but also for each category of users. Thus, for a better digital performance of the creative concepts, we implemented the following online Marketing actions:

  • We developed complex Facebook Ads campaigns according to carefully targeted audiences
  • We launched structured Google Ads campaigns for Search and Display, according to searches, trends and competition
  • We constantly analysed and optimised the campaigns for better acquisition costs fit for our client’s budget



We received lots of applauses, but also results and we can’t wait for the encore:

  • The engagement rate grew with 36%
  • The festival sold a record number of tickets
  • The reach grew with 150%


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